Christmas Gifts / £5 or Less

TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY, FA LA LA LA LAA, LA LA LA LAAAA! It’s the 5th of December, meaning there are less than 20 days left! AHH! I’ve actually completed all of my Christmas shopping because I get really excited and like to be super organised when it comes to gifts because I just love it so much. But for all you people out there, I have scavenged the internet for some fab gifts for £5 or less. These gifts are great for secret Santa, or if you are doing a work gift giving and are given a budget of £5.  By the way, sorry for the shocking picture quality :/

To make life even easier for you (as though finding these gifts for you isn’t enough;)…) I have left the links to the webpages where you can buy the products down below – You’re welcome 🙂


From what I’ve tried from Soap & Glory (which isn’t a lot to be fair) I absolutely love this brand. This gift set contains ‘hand food’ (hand cream( and ‘heel genius’ (foot cream). I actually have the Hand Food sat on my desk right now, as it’s really moistuiring and makes my hands feel really soft. This would be a perfect gift for anyone – especially as the cold winter days tend to make peoples skin go quite dry, so this would be a lovely thoughtful gift.

This contains a miniature body spray (isn’t everything just cuter when it’s miniature?) and is described as ‘a heavenly stocking filler! With notes of jasmine, neroli and musk, this mini Ted Baker body spray will leave her feeling as pretty as a petal this Christmas’. …Couldn’t really of said it better

This contains a Bath and Shower Creme, a moisturising Body Butter (with real Coconut Oil) and a lovely Body Puff. I haven’t tried these products, but if they do actually smell like Chocolate Truffles, then Oh my goshh – how amazing would that be!? By the way, Boots are doing 3 for 2 on Christmas gifts!

How LUSH is this;) It’s just soo cute! I would be over the moon if I had one of these in my stocking because who doesn’t love a relaxing hot bath during Winter?? When you crumble the Christmas Penguin under the tap, ‘blankets of flipperin’ awesome foam soar out and transform your bath into a frothy landscape of blue and white crests’. What more could you wish for?

You may not have heard of before, but it is my absolute favourite online store! It is ran my a Uni Student called Polly and she sells really fashionable and cool items, such as: phone cases, MacBook skins, pin badges, art prints, notepads & more… I found her on Instagram sometime last year I think, and have since purchased one of the desk pads (which BTW is great for organising you revision), an amazing tote bag and a phone case. Not to mention, my Christmas list this year has several items on it from her store, because I just can’t get enough. Her Instagram is: & her website it – Seriously guys, go check her stuff out, its fab! Oh, and if you have a friend who is mad about dogs/cats they will absolutely love the Kitties/Doggies Print! (Ps: Dogs are better…)

For £3.50, you would be getting a bargain as it recently got reduced on ASOS from about £5 I think. You could even get some cheap rings or an initial necklace from Primark to place in the Jewellery dish, and still keep your secret Santa gift under £5.

Can you smell the cheese oozing from this book? haha, but it’s Christmas so a bit of cheese is acceptable! This would be the perfect secret Santa gift for your one of your closest friends. It’s filled with inspirational quotes, tips on keeping strong friendships and making the most out of the time you spend with your friends – awww!

Each year around Christmas time I go a little crazy on the Body Shop website and order a ton of things, most of which are Christmas presents for others (but a few little treats for me). I got a few of these Treat sets last year and they went down a ‘treat’ – Okay I’m going to stop with the puns, I can hear you all cringing back in your seats. Anyways, this gift set contains a Strawberry Shower Gel, Strawberry Body Puree and a small red bath lily. Also, now is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas gifts from the Body shop because they have a deal on where you only have to pay £25 for a £50 shop – so half price!! & You get free delivery! I may have finished my Christmas shopping already, but I might just buy myself some treats and get a few birthday presents for next year #organise #notreally

You can get one of these with any letter of the alphabet on, but you can also get: ‘#’ (for your twitter crazy friends), ‘&’ and also a heart. I think it’s just really nice to receive something that is personalised as it shows a lot of thought went in to it. You could pick up a £1 pair of fluffy socks (which I am obsessseeddd with) from Primark to create an affordable yet adorable gift set for someone who loves chilled nights.


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