Baking my 18th Birthday Cake

So I turned 18 this week & decided to take it upon myself to make my own Birthday cake, just because I love to bake. I was quite ambitious and set my self an unreachable goal. I wanted to make a 3 layered chocolate cake with chocolate ombré around the edge. I thought ‘pfftt easyy’ but oh how I was wrong!

Here’s the expectation…

VS the reality…

As you can see it didn’t work😂 but I tried so that’s all that matters. I just couldn’t smooth it out so it ended up all lumpy and just an absolute mess.

Despite the urge to chuck it in the bin I decided to just cover the whole thing in chocolate buttercream roses in different shades in my attempt to save it. So I did a white chocolate buttercream layer, a milk chocolate one and then dark chocolate.

Because it was so hot in the kitchen the roses on the side of the cake kept sliding down so I had to run and shove it in the fridge after every few roses to allow them to set. Then of course I had to add some ferrero rocher’s around the edge because they are just the best things everrrr! And then as if there wasn’t enough chocolate on the cake already, I went and covered the middle section in

So in the end (after many many hours…) it turned out okay, tasted delicious and satisfied my chocoholic cravings.

Moral of the story: don’t give up, persevere and don’t throw cake away because no matter how bad it looks it’s cake & cake tastes great!


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  1. It turned out to be amazing.

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