What a Year!

Highlights Of My Year…

I travelled to London on several occasions on my own (which was a really big deal for me) to take part in the Sutton Trust US programme which I was so honoured to have been selected for. This programme was absolutely amazing and without a doubt the highlight of my year. I attended several residentials in London where I met great people and made new friends who I hope to keep in contact with during 2017. I took a few ACT exams so that I could apply to US Universities. However, I decided after the Summer Holiday that I didn’t want to go to a US University. But I got to travel to America for 1 week without my family and visit some of the worlds top Universities, speak to college admissions, stay in MIT and go on lots of cultural activities (e.g. going to the mall, on a duck tour and to the Quincy Markey).

I performed in The Royal Albert Hall with my Academy Showband at the Music For Youth Proms which was a night I won’t forget. It was absolutely magical and inspiring to perform there with so many talented people. Loads of balloons fell from the sky when the night was over, whilst all of the people who took part sung a song.

Reflecting on 2016’s Resolutions…

  1. Get good AS grades: I was reallyyy happy with my AS grades which were an A in Psychology, a B in Biology and a C in maths, so this one was a success in my eyes.
  2. Pass my Grade 8 flute: After practising my grade 8 pieces for ages I realised I wasn’t that bothered about doing it. Sure it would of been nice to round it all off and complete my final grade on my flute before going to Uni, but the truth is I just never practised outside of my half an hour lesson I have once a week and no matter how hard I tried to make myself practise I just didn’t, because I didn’t really care about it.  Grades aren’t everything and I don’t want to do music as a career so I decided a couple months ago not to bother with it as there was no point spending all that money for something that I wasn’t passionate about. So instead, I’m playing duets in my lessons which are so much more fun!
  3. Learn to Drive: I started learning early on in 2016, and passes my theory second time round (lol) and the driving lessons are going well – I can drive pretty well but just need to conquer the manoeuvres and then I should be ready to do the practical test.
  4. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away“: hmmm… well, no I have not ate an apple every day, or any kind of fruit actually. No shock there. But I do think I ate slightly healthier this year than previous ones because I took tubs of cucumber sticks, orange slices and grapes most days. So I ate fruit MOST days which is as good as it’s going to get for now haha.
  5. Drink 3 bottles of water each day: Well I got a job as a Lifeguard a few months ago and I drink about 2 or 3 bottles of water just on my 2 or 3 hours shifts and I do actually drink a lot when I’m at school too. So yeah I have actually drunk quite a lot of water. But I just need to try and drink more water whilst I’m at home because I don’t normally have a water bottle on hand in my room so I’m too lazy to go downstairs and get a drink. Typical teen.
  6. Workout for 10 minutes a day: NOPE. I don’t think I’ve done a proper work out all year… Other than the occasional interhouse netball match.
  7. Cycle to band every Saturday: DID I ACTUALLY THINK I WAS GOING TO DO THIS!?!? HAHAHAHAHA. Nope, I didn’t even do this once. I remember on the first Saturday of the year I was all pumped for it but then it was raining so I was like ‘ Nahh I’ll start next week’ & of course I didn’t.
  8. Get Suitable work experience: I didn’t actually get any work experience this year & that’s because at the beginning of 2016 I thought I wanted to have a career in the Health Sector and then wanted to be a Midwife so work experience would of been super important. But I then decided after my trip to the States that I wasn’t 100% sure on that & wanted to combine two subjects that I love. So I am going to study Psychology with Business Management at University in 2017, as long as I get the grades (fingers crossed!)
  9. Volunteer!!! I think I only volunteered once this year at an event held during the Summer holidays for families with disabled children. I helped set up the event and helped it run smoothly & it was a really lovely day.
  10. Read at least 1 book a month: What about at least 1 book a year??? I read 1 & a half books this year which was 1 up from last year! I read ‘Everything Everything’ which I absolutely loved!! And then I have read half of ‘After You’ the sequel to ‘Me before you’. Also, I got a free trial of Audible so I am currently listening to ‘The Girl on the Train’ which I really love. & it’s a lot easier to get through as I can listen to it when I’m getting ready in the morning.


New Years Resolutions for 2017…

  1. Get outside more
  2. Pass my Driving Practical Test
  3. Get in to Sussex University (ABB)
  4. Spend more time outside of Sixth Form with friends
  5. Have the most amazing Summer


I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year, lets make it one to remember!

Here’s the quote I’m going to live by 2017 by:

Image result for collect memories not things


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