‘The Best Acne Treatment’

New Year, New Me? I don’t think so.

You don’t need to change who you are just because it’s a new year but everyday we should take small steps to become the best version of ourselves possible. Whether that’s being more considerate of others or being more confident. And one thing that makes me feel wayyy more confident is if I’m having a good skin day. But, wouldn’t it be better if we knew the best spot treatments that would give us good skin days EVERY day!?

The team at Reviews.comhave saved you and I a LOT of trial & error by carrying out all of the research for us! There were 42 contenders to begin with which they managed to whittle down to the 4 best ones. They did this with the help of dermatologists, aestheticians, skincare experts, and countless previous scientific studies. They analysed each formula to find the perfect spot fighting kit. They began by cutting out the kits that didn’t have at least 2 active ingredients scientifically proven to fight acne, such as:

  • Salicylic acid which breaks down fatty acids like sebum so they don’t clog your pores
  • Benzoyl peroxide which attacks the bacteria’s membranes

They also took several other factors into consideration, like whether they contained simple oils – these destroy the skin’s barrier which can make you more susceptible to breakouts as it disturbs the skins pH.

So, which kit came out on top?

Paula’s Choice Clear Regular Strength System

(Photo from Reviews.com)

To find out what made this kit so special, to see the runners up & to see a really useful self-diagnosis table, click here


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  1. Paula’s choice is a great brand but I haven’t tried them yet but I have heard so many wonderful reviews

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